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especially dogs or horses {or both}

Yep, that kinda sums up everything about me. I've loved animals my whole life, especially dogs & horses. I grew up outside Washington DC, in the heart of Virginia horse country. As a young adult, I put my art degree on hold and became a board certified, veterinary technician.


After a couple of years, wanderlust kicked in and I pursued my love for adventure { & the ocean } and became a scuba instructor and boat captain. Then, I was given an opportunity to crew a private yacht, in Maine, for the summer. Once in Maine, I hung up my dive gear and continued my studies in graphic design.




Today, I live on a 12 acre farm in Maine, which I share with my very patient husband. We have an assorted pack of rescue dogs, a small herd of horses, including a pair of mini-donkeys, a flock of chickens and a couple of pet pigs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

- Lynn



Lend a helping hand {paw or hoof} to those who are in dire need of assistance. When you see the heart symbol next to a product, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to a dog or horse rescue.

Do you have a rescue that you'd like to nominate?

Please share that info with us!


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